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Keeping Your Baby Safe in Co - Sleep

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Parents love to share the beds with their young ones. Also the babies also like sleeping with them. It is really an enjoyable for both the baby and the parents. But there is a very safety precaution needed to be taken by the parents for the safety of their babies while they are in sleep. Because this is the only time when the parents will not even come to know as they are in sleep what trouble is their baby or young one is facing. So here are some of the tips to be kept in mind by the parents for their baby’s safety.

One of the most important points is that the babies should be sleeping in between the father and mother. Or the baby should be slept between the mother and the wall. If the baby is slept between the mother and the wall then parents should look at that there is no gap left between the bedding and the wall. If this thing is not taken care of then it can prove to be very hazardous for the baby. As baby use to make the frequent movements in their sleep there is a danger of falling down from the gap, so parents should take care of this point.

Parents can also use a baby crib or cradle for the babies to sleep if they feel it is not safe for baby on the bed. They can put the crib beside their bed along the mother's side.

Parents or especially mother should take care of this point that they do not go in sleep so deeply that can only hear baby when they cry out loud. It is good for the safety of baby that the mother is awaken with a as less movement as possible of the baby.

Try to give enough large space for the babies to sleep. So even if they move or crawl in sleep they should be comfortable with it and not get disturbed in their sleep.
Parents should see that the baby is squeezed between them i.e. between the mother and the father. This can prove to be very uncomfortable for the baby.

Take care that you do not use the same blanket which you use for yourself to cover the babies. Use other light weight blankets to cover the babies. Other wise it can also prove dangerous. Babies can suffer serious suffocation and harm.

Also parents should avoid sleeping with the babies if they are ill or do not feel well. They should avoid much contact with baby if they are sniffing or snorting in the sleep. Try to avoid sleeping with the baby if you are heavily drunk or take sleep medicines.

Parents should also see that they do not sleep with the babies if they are heavy person or have a over weight. This can prove to be dangerous.

Parents can also put the soft mattress below the bed at the side of the baby so that in case baby falls down in sleep then it does not cause much harm to the baby.

This are some of the tips should be kept in mind by the parents for the safety of their babies.


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