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For baby there is no other important thing other than a crib. Crib is the only place where the babies spend most of their time in sleeping and playing with their toys. So parents should make the baby crib as safe and comfortable as possible. Before you buy a baby crib make sure that the crib is accompanied by the safety features, style, finishing, comfort and good quality that can last long without any wear and tear.

Baby cribs are categorized in two standard categories as the cribs with a single drop side (crib opening from one side) and the other one is cribs with a double drop side (crib opening from both side). Double drop side cribs are usually more expensive than the other one.

Convertible cribs are also available. As their name suggest convertible cribs convert from a crib to a toddler bed and also to a full sized bed. This kind of convertible cribs are more expensive to buy, but are really safe and comfortable for you baby. Also it saves you from buying a full sized bed when you baby grows older.

Canopy cribs also give elegant and classic look to your baby nursery. They have four posts on the corners inside the metal frame, on which parents can place fabrics.

Round cribs are also becoming a favorite choice of the new parents. They generally come with a single drop side.

There are other safety measures to also be kept in mind while buying the baby crib. These measures are something like these.
Parents should look that the distances between the crib slats is round about 2 to 3 inches.

Crib mattress also fit easily and tightly between the crib sides, without leaving much gap between them. Also see that the crib has secure dropping door mechanism. See that there are no rough corners or edges or splinters in your baby's crib as they can be hazardous for the baby.

Also look that the teething rails is also used to cover the top of the railings. It prevents your baby from chewing the wood.
Rolling cribs with wheels should also have some kind of locking system.

Other than these measures and precautions some other extra products are also your baby's need like some toys, pillows, blankets etc.

Before buying a crib just see that all the other accessories can be easily kept in the crib or not without affecting the baby's comfort.


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