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Safe and Comfortable Baby Blanket

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Buying a blanket for your baby needs many things to be taken care of. The most important concern in it is the safety of your baby. Parents should not use those blankets which are very aesthetics at least in case of a one year old or younger baby. However they can find the safe blankets for their babies in a aesthetically pleasing patterns and designs also available in the market as well as on the web.

A baby can overheat faster or quickly than any other person so the use of light natural and fiber blankets is advisable. Receiving baby blankets are good choice for the safety of baby. Cotton receiving blankets are more preferable. They are also available in colorful patterns, textures and designs which can also please your baby. Such blankets can often be found matching with the nursery themes or bedding patterns.

Parents should avoid blankets in quilt that may come along with the crib. Such quilts are the major cause of the sudden infant death syndrome. They may also cause suffocation to the baby. Parents should take care of this point when buying the baby blankets.

One should try to avoid blankets with excess of trim, buttons, fringe or any such kind of things over the blanket as much as possible, preferably negligible. As there are many chances of such things being pulled out and swallowed by your baby. A crib bumper is safe enough if it is plain.

Parents should also see that in case of cotton flannel baby blankets they should washed properly and daily at least three times. It is also advisable to keep a blanket in spare as in any of such cases. Also blankets generally collect a lot of lint during its early use. Repeatedly washing blankets can remove such annoying tints. So that it does not irritate baby's nose.

Also some acrylic baby blankets get fuzzier with their repeated usage, so it is not a best choice to use. Blankets made by man made fibers are quiet warmer. This can not provide proper ventilation to baby in night or when they are sleeping in day.

Parents should also see that the blankets made of natural or man made fibers should be tight enough so that the baby's hand does not get stuck in the weave. Consider the use of crocheted baby blanket in day time only. These are suitably decorative, but again they can trap baby's hand or feet in the holes of the blanket.

These are some of the points to be kept in mind by the parents or guardians before buying or using baby blankets.


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