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Prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a syndrome of sudden and unexpected death of a baby within a very short period of their birth.

Generally the major cause of the Child's death due to SIDS are low birth weight, exposure to tobacco or smoke, no breastfeeding, excess bedding or clothing, co - sleeping, sleeping on stomach in the bedding, premature birth. But there is also one other cause of it is the use of heavy blankets, pillows and all that kind of stuff.

SIDS is also known as the cot death often in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and European nations. It is also known as crib death in the North America.
As this words cot death or crib death only suggest the death of the baby in the bedding.

To prevent this sudden infant death syndrome due to the bedding stuffs, it is advisable for the parents to use tight fitting sheets in the cribs or bassinets and use the firm mattresses.

Parents should also not allow the pillow, stuffed animals or any pet animals in home, fluffy bedding in the bassinets or in the cribs.

Infant's blanket is also a big cause of this syndrome. Infant's blanket should be made of the light materials. Cotton baby blanket is highly recommended for the baby of less than a year old. Blankets should be as light as possible in weight.

Blankets with all those different heavy patterns and colors should be avoided. However many light weight blankets are also available in the market with good colors and patterns.

Parents should not use the blankets that may come along with the crib in quilt. Such quilts are the major cause of the sudden infant death syndrome. They may also cause suffocation to the baby. Parents should take care of this point when buying the baby blankets.

One should try to avoid blankets with excess of trim, buttons, fringe or any such kind of things over the blanket as much as possible, preferably negligible. As there are many chances of such things being pulled out and swallowed by your baby. A crib bumper is safe enough if it is plain.

Parents should remove sheepskins, comforters, stuffed toys and other soft materials from the crib or the bedding. These things many a times become a cause of SIDS.

Also see that your baby's head is not covered with the blanket during sleep. Cover the baby with the blanket up to the chest level.


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