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Poison Proof Your House: Safety Measures

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Many household items and products in our home that we use every day can prove to be very dangerous. They can be poisonous enough to cause illness or sometimes death.

Every year thousands of people die due to the hazardous effects of the poison at their home, especially most of among them are small children.

Here are some of the simple tips to be kept in mind from preventing the accidental poisoning. Check them out as below:

Keep the children away from all those medicines and household products like insecticides, iron pill, acids chemicals, soaps, alcohols etc. If possible keep these things in a locked cabinet.

In case if your are using this products then go away from them to answer any phone calls or door bells or take them with you to keep them away from the child's reach.

Store the medicines and chemicals separate from other household products.

Also a very common mistake made by the family members is they store the medicines or any other chemicals in soft drink or water drinking bottles. Never transfer them to these containers and try keeping them in their original containers. This can prove to be misleading for your baby towards harm and danger.

Keep all the original labels on all the products and containers as this can also mislead the children as well as the family members having low sight. This can also be harmful as well as very dangerous.

Also try to avoid this that you do not give the medicines or take them in dark. Also avoid taking the medicines in front of the children. Never refer the medicines as choc or candies to the children as in case they do not want to take them.

Keep this thing is mind that you never store poisons in the pantry or inside the food cabinets and containers.

Its good to keep all the safety measures in your home but also see to this that when any guest comes at your home or you go to anyone else place then take care to keep the children away from their medications in their purse or suitcases.

Children are not the only risk from all these poisonous stuff at your home but those who consume any kind of prescription drugs and medicines may sometimes take the dose twice by mistake. This can sometimes prove to be dangerous in case of the heavy doses and medicines.

Some children can also do vomiting when they swallow a poisonous thing or item at your home. So parents should not neglect it with the illness of the child and try to confirm out first if the child has not consumed anything dangerous.

Sometimes you may notice the content of the particular medicine or acids bottle have been reduced, then you check your child in this case.

These are some of the tips and ideas to be kept in mind to make your home free from poison.


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