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Bumper Pads Proving Dangerous For Babies

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Bumper pads are used in the baby cribs to prevent the babies from bumping or getting trapped their heads against these hard and heavy bars of a crib or in bedding. These bumper pads are meant for the safety of the baby but they can show a reversible dangerous effect for the babies. Bumper pads increase the risk of accidental death or injury to the baby according to the researches and investigations.

Researchers suggest that the hazards or harm of the bumper pads in the crib over weigh their benefits. The researchers of the Consumer Product Safety Commission related to the deaths of babies due to the bumper pads in the crib suggest that about 20% of sudden baby deaths are caused due to use of this bumper pads in the crib.

Many infants get tied up between the bumper pads and find them in an irresistible situation. They are unable to free themselves from this bumper pads due to lack of motor development needed to do this. Consequently this leads to suffocation as their nose and mouth are compressed in these hazardous bumper pads. This causes a real injury to their breathing system and many a times results into a sudden unexpected death.

Parents totally think wrong if they think that only hard bumper pads are dangerous for the babies. Both hard and soft bumper pads are equally dangerous and harmful for the baby, as the researchers suggest.

If the pads are too soft then the baby's nose and mouth are compressed or pressed against it and the baby suffocates. And if the bumper pad is firm enough then the baby can climb over it and fall out of the crib. These both the things are very dangerous.

So the parents or guardians should not at all use the bumper pads in the baby cribs or bassinets as they do not impose safety to the baby but prove to be very dangerous.

All this study can be easily made in the analysis of the dangers of the baby bed and crib bumpers published in the September 2007 issue of The Journal of Pediatrics. These results show that how ubiquitous are the baby crib bumper pads. Also avoiding the use of bumper pads is useful in protecting the baby's head from the hard surface.

Even if there are bumper pads in your baby's crib then it should follow certain guidelines to reduce the danger to your infant. They should be high enough so that the baby does not climb over it and fall down.

Parents should see to all these points while selecting the crib for their baby.


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