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It is a time of excitement in the home whenever any new born baby is going to come in the house, but there many things in our home which can prove very dangerous or harmful to your baby. Here are some things which the family members should take care of to make their baby's surrounding a child proof one. Let us have a look at them.

All the new born babies pass out most of the time in their beds either sleeping or making movements. So the most important criteria for the baby is that is he or she safe in that bedding or crib. Try to make the crib or bedding for the free an allergen free one.
Babies should always start sleeping in their bed having the new mattress and not the old ones frequently used by any other family members. This mattress should be dust free and free from mold spores.

Also these mattresses can be covered by the rubber pads as in case if the baby makes it wet it does not harm him or her.

Many baby mattresses are covered with vinyl cover, are available in the market. If this is not the case then encase the mattress with the plastic, waterproof covering before the baby sleeps over it. Also it is advisable to top the plastic or the vinyl covering with a dust - mite - proof encasing. Take care to replace the mattresses in case they start to smell or show as such other signs.

Also the pet animals or stuffed animals are the unlikely culprit can be found in the child's room. They are cute and are many a times become irresistible to kids. But these things also make the mattress or the bedding of the baby irresistible from dust and dust mites too.
Also try that your child does not sleep with the baby.

Parents should remove any toys from the bed when the baby is fast asleep. Keep all the toys in dust free area away from the bed and not on the floor.

Try keeping up with the allergy proofing with the parents, even if your child does not show any signs of allergies. This thing can avoid your child from developing asthma in them.

Store the out of season clothes in a individual and zippered garment bag of your baby. Do not mix all those clothes along with the clothes of other family members.

Avoid storing the leather skirts or jackets of the baby or child in the plastic bags.

There is a habit of storing the shoes in the closet, so hang them on the shoe racks. This is helpful in increasing the air circulation and as well as discourage the mold growth.

These are some of the points to be kept in mind to keep your baby healthy and safe.


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