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How Colorful The Colors Are:

Psychological effect colors,effect color emotions,rang colors life

Colors play a very important role in anybody's life. Different combinations of colors have a great effect physiological, biological, psychological, social and cultural life of us. Color facts and their effects on our day to day life is a kind of thing which leaves effects behind our mind. These colors have a ability to smooth as well as excite or stimulate us.

A human eye can see a round about seven million different colors and shades. It is also very important to understand the effects of the temperature of color, components and the terminology.

A color can have a cool or warm effect on us. Depending on the shades and the positioning in the color spectrum these colors show different effects.

Colors like red, orange and yellow are considered as warm colors whether as violet, blue and green are cool colors.

These colors are also further categorized in three main categories namely Primary colors, Secondary Colors and Tertiary colors

Red, yellow and blue are the primary colors as they can not be prepared by mixing any other colors and shades. Also these primary colors are used in making different shades and colors which are further categorized in secondary colors and tertiary colors.

Orange, green and purple are the secondary colors. They are prepared using the primary colors. For example Orange is made by combining red and yellow color, green by combining blue and yellow color and the purple color is made by combination of blue and red colors.

Blue-green, blue-purple, red-purple, yellow-green, orange-yellow, orange-red, blue-green etc such combinations result into different tertiary colors.

Warm colors are used to project hues of sunlight or daylight. They are used in our homes to promote a feeling of warmth in our place. Cool colors are used to reflect night time of moon light. They enhance the space of our rooms by making the walls look further away from each other. Blue and violet are such colors which give coolness to our eyes.

Different color shades describe light and darkness. Color can be given different shades of light and dark by mixing them with the colors like white and black. For example a pink color can be made by adding a maintained ratio of white in red color. Or a red color along with a good maintained ratio of black color in it can make dark red or maroon type colors.

Colors can play tricks with us. Like use of warm colors on the wall in our room make the room look smaller whether as the cool colors make our room appear larger.

These colors are associated with the emotions and feelings of the human beings. Colors express different things based on culture in the surroundings.
Red color is a symbol or passion, love, power, excitement, warmth, etc.
Yellow color is used to symbolize light, brightness, charm and happiness, creativity, confidence, glow etc.
Blue color symbolizes darkness, coolness, peacefulness, loyalty, truth and trust.


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