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There is nothing important expect baby's safety.

It does not really matter what colors you put on surrounding walls and ceiling or what themes you built for your infant's room in front of the safety of the baby. So safety has to be the topmost priority in building the baby's surrounding.

Safety, comfort, cleanliness and other necessities are the basic requirements for the healthy growth of infants.
Keep following things in mind for the baby’s safety.

Baby does not need much like grown up ones but their needs are really crucial but simple. Baby generally needs a safe and clean place to sleep, comfortable place for their feeding, cuddling and moving, a safe place for changing diapers etc.

Babies pass most of their times sleeping so a comfortable bed is must for them. For the new born babies a cradle is a nice option for comfortable and calm sleep. But as the babies grow up their sleeping place also needs to get larger. Another comfortable way is a use of well-made crib for baby.

Don't fill the baby's bed with blankets and pillows all around. Use relatively thin blankets to cover babies when they are asleep.

New born babies lack in fully developed sight but their hearing and sensing capabilities are fully developed, so you can keep soft toys (preferably made of woolen or such a kind of material) and soft melody sound toys around them.

Take care the furniture you use in infant's surrounding is safe enough. It should not have sharp edges or any other such aspects. Don't be careless in this matter otherwise sometimes it can really be hazardous.

Have a reasonable size window in infant's room from where sunlight and fresh air can make way through easily. Sunlight contains Vitamin D which is necessary for the complete and healthy growth of the child. New born babies many a times fall ill because of lack of sufficient fresh air and light.

Also this window should be covered with mosquito net, because infant's many a time suffer from dangerous diseases like malaria (caused by mosquito bites).

Cleanliness is another factor why babies fall ill. It is a extremely important in planning your baby's nursery outline. Parents or guardians should take care of avoiding any dust or dirt in the infant's surrounding. All the toys, pillows, bed sheets, blankets, clothes, etc. should be periodically washed or cleaned. Baby’s complete growth needs a clean and healthy environment.

Always keep extra pair of clothes, diaper rags, handkerchiefs, pillows, bed sheets, light weight blankets, etc. and other accessories in a ready to use and clean condition for the babies.

Parents can also put soft toys having attractive and bold colors in the surrounding.
Make sure that you use pleasant and soft themes in the surrounding of the child.


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