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Baby room Painting Creative Ideas

Ideas for baby nursery painting,decorating a boy's room,painting baby's room

Baby's surrounding plays a very important role in his/her psychological development. Baby rooms should be decorated according to their age. There are many ways of decorating baby rooms.

In most of the case there is hardly any other way to give a simple, effective and affordable look to refresh a baby's room. People do not need to be expert in achieving the professional touch and finishing in painting. In fact it can be done smoothly, flawlessly and trouble - freely. Here are some of the tips for painting your baby's or kid's room.

Painting can be done easily if you have such tools like sandpaper, wood - filling or drywall compound, clean and damp clothes, caulk, plastic sheets, blue painter's tape, masking tape, paint, small plastic paint tray, paint roller along with cover.

The easiest way to paint a room is when it is empty. Try to move all the things from the room before painting as much as possible.

Repair wall surface according to your needs by filling the holes and try to smooth any rough surface. You can use sandpaper for the same. Then wipe the surface with a clean cloth and cover the floor with the plastic sheeting to protect it from the spills, drips and spatters.

You can also use blue painter's tape to cover the trims.

Surrounding walls color is the most important factor. Parent should use light, soft and gentle colors instead of loud and bright colors. They can use colors like pink, sky blue with shades of vanilla over them, light purple or cream colors, etc. Babies feel very relax and enthusiastic in such surroundings. They feel bored in the shiny and loud colors.

Don't stick with those traditional colors but use some new colors like purple, light greenish blue, orange yellow and others. But keep in mind that it does not become loud and bright.

Use of flat brush for painting is advisable. This kind of brush is also used in painting the corners, woodwork, cabinets, rough edges of the wall and the ceiling. A roller spreads the paint more effectively than the brush but the use of brush can give more control to the painting needs.

You can also use different patterns and textures in painting over the walls and ceilings. It can give your baby's room a great charming and glowing effect.

These are some of the ways to make your baby's room painting job easily.


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