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For children there is nothing more important than their personal rooms.
Designing a baby room needs a very careful planning and implementations. But if it is done with right selections then you are sure to create a space that both you and your child will love. Basic criteria in designing a baby's room are that it should be comfortable. Also should have workable space that also grows along with him or her smoothly. It can be quiet a challenging tasks for the parents to keep the room "functional" along with "fun".

Some of the basics in designing a child's room are as follows

Space is a major factor. Give your child as large free space as you can. Do not cover the maximum space of the room with those heavy furniture or tables. Use optimum size of wooden stuff.

Walls should just simply be the wonders for children. Cover the wall with textures, paintings, images and wallpapers. Now a days people also use fabric for the walls as there are infinite patterns and good quality fabrics available in the market as well as on the web.

There should be one fair-size window from where natural light and air can come through. Sunlight absorption is very essential for the child as it gives them Vitamin D. Many a times a window in the room also makes it feel larger area.Also this window should have a mosquito net for the safety of baby from hazardous insects and illness.

Parents should use simple washable curtains for the doors and windows in the room. These curtains should match the color of surrounding walls and ceiling. Also their rooms should be faciliated with bathrooms so they can easily move their even at night. A night -light is also important in the room.

Using fabrics in the baby rooms is highly encouraged. There are limitless colors, textures and picture fabrics available now a days. You can select any pattern or color according to your needs and surrounding walls. Also try to get fabrics that are stain-resistant and easily washable or cleaned. Generally using velvet, denim and polished cotton fabrics are generally used for baby rooms.

Pillow covers can change the look of the baby's room drastically. Make variety of pillows and floor cushions in your child's favourite dark and bright contrasting colors.

Use easy to clean and washable laminates as many a times your baby will make it ugly with sticky fingers or dirty paws.


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