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Kids go through the golden period of their lives in their childhood age. They experience the world in a wonderful free way. Life does not demand much from them in childhood. This is the only period when their mind is discovering the world and itís potential. Baby room decoration is one of the ways helping them is the discovery of this world.

Today many different ways are available when it comes to decorating for a baby.
Baby's surrounding plays a very important role in his/her psychological development. Baby rooms should be decorated according to their age. There are many ways of decorating baby rooms. Some of them are explained below:

Surrounding walls color is the most important factor. Parent should use light, soft and gentle colors instead of loud and bright colors. They can use colors like pink, sky blue with shades of vanilla over them, light purple or cream colors, etc. Babies feel very relax and enthusiastic in such surroundings. They feel bored in the shiny and loud colors.

Don't stick with those traditional colors but use some new colors like purple, light greenish blue, orange yellow and others. But keep in mind that it does not become loud and bright.

Other than colors you can also use themes for the surrounding. Themes of nature, pet animals, rainbow, flowers, etc. are liked by the babies. Parents can also look for some themes like sports theme, moon and night star themes, princess themes etc. for the grown up babies. Children do like butterflies very much. So you also use butterfly theme. You can hang cool attractive butterflies from the ceiling along with some butter stripes of green and yellow on the surrounding walls. This is a good theme.

Parents can also added some accessories like night lamps, bookshelf, musical toys, joke books, encyclopedia and flowers etc. to increase the charm of the room.

You can also hang some wallpapers and paintings in the surroundings just like paintings of nature, pet animals, cartoons and super heroes with a nice dark red or blue frames, etc. Just keep one thing in mind that these all accessories suit the colors or the themes on the walls and furniture

Other than decoration safety is also an important issue in decorating your loving one's room. They are many things you should examine like furniture is not having sharp edges, toys are of good quality, paints, fabrics and wallpapers etc.

Parents can also ask their kids only how they want their room to be decorated.


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