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Nursery bedding ideas,nursery decorating ideas,vintage baby nursery ideas

Baby needs only very crucial but simple. Baby only needs few things like a safe place to sleep, a comfort place for clothes and diapers changed and some safe place to sit while feeding or playing and crawling.

Babies take out most of their time in sleeping, so they need a safe and comfortable bedding for it. A cradle can be a good option but it is safe only for the newly born babies before baby start moving and rolling. If parents use it then they should see that it does not rock more than few inches both the ways so that baby is safe enough from falling down.

A well made crib can also be a nice option to have. Do not fill the bed with all those stuffed pillows and heavy blankets. Use relatively thin blankets for the babies otherwise sometimes it can cause the suffocation dangers for the babies. This can be very harmful.

Baby Nursery also needs to have a changing table for the baby. Its cloth will be used a lot by the baby, so keep it in a good condition and keep the extra changing table clothing in spare. Try having the changing table with open shelves below, so you can easily reach for diapers and baby clothes.

Baby nursery should also have an overhead light. This can aid the parents in over night feedings and diaper changing.
Also avoid using floor lamps for the nursery as they can be pulled over by the baby when crawling or moving on the floor. It can also prove to be hazardous.

Also at the time of selecting the color of the walls or selecting the theme for baby nursery parents should take necessary precautions. Babies can not see the subtle details in the colors. Strong contrasting colors work fine in case of six to nine months old babies. Also try using simple patterns and textures for decorating the baby’s nursery. For the babies of six to nine months old a charming face with a two black dots and a black curve within a yellow fluorescent colored circle is a favorite one.

If parents are not interested in the color schemes or any kind of themes they can also go for pastels. Pastels with two different shades dark and light with a bit of hue can be used over a long period of time.

Try providing babies with their age appropriate toys.

New born babies are lacking in sight but they are good at hearing and sense of touch. So try providing them with the melodious musical toys or some soft toys in a variety of textures. They appeal more to the babies. Parents can also use the hanging toys where the baby can reach safely. But take care that they do not have small detachable parts.


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